Facts About Small Business

Everyone agrees on a broad level that small businesses are vital to the American economy. However, most people would be surprised to know just how important. The United States Small Business Administration keeps records and statistics on small business in the United States and some of their findings are surprising.

First, the typical perception of a small business as a mom and pop operation with just a few, if any, employees is not the entire picture. The Small Business Administration defines a small business as an independently business with less than 500 employees. There are an estimated 23 million businesses in the United States that meet that classification. In some smaller towns in the United States, these businesses represent a major source of employment.

In fact, small businesses as defined by the Small Business Administration represent 99.7 percent of all the employers in the country and employ half of all private sector employees. More than 45% of the private sector payroll is generated by small business. Over the last decade small businesses have accounted for 60 to 80% of all new jobs created on an annual basis.

Although a large percentage of small businesses are in the retail and service sectors, small businesses are rapidly making gains in the technology sector. 41% of high tech workers like engineers, scientists and computer programmers are employed by small businesses. Employees at small businesses produce 13 to 14 times more patents than those employed by larger companies.

The Small Business Administration also offers some interesting observations on small business survival. Two-thirds of small businesses survive for at least two years declining to 44% after four years. Most of the factors that support a small business surviving are well known, such as access to capital and owner’s education level. However, a lesser known factor in small business survival is that the business is large enough to have employees.

Similarly, barriers to starting a small business include lack of access to start-up capital and lack of education. However, the number one barrier to small business start up and a primary concern of existing small business owners is access to private health insurance. Individual health insurance for sole proprietors is much more expensive than receiving coverage through an employer. If a small business owner is able to offer health insurance to its employees, the administrative and premium costs are often much higher than those for larger businesses.

Succeeding At An Online Business Administration Degree

An online business administration degree helps students understand how businesses work, so that students emerge from their degree ready to take on positions and job opportunities in the business world. A course of study can include courses in global business strategy, management information systems, management, marketing, accounting and finance, human resources, organizational behavior, and communication, to name just a few. Once students graduate, they can qualify for jobs in management, human resources, finance, or sales and marketing.

While choosing to complete an online business administration degree can boost your career and can allow you to study on your own terms, it also requires work and dedication, especially if you want to make the most of your education. Online programs give you plenty of flexibility and allow you to work at your current job, even as you prepare for a better job. To get the best post-graduation possibilities, though, you will want to study smart so that you can succeed at your degree program.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that your online business administration degree leads to great opportunities in the future is to make sure that you select the right degree program for you. Make sure that your course of studies allows you access to professors and qualified faculty by phone or email. Make sure that you will get the resources and help you need to succeed in school. Finally, make sure that you will be pursuing your studies at a respected institution that hires great faculty. When all of this is in place, your degree will be more valuable and you will have all the tools in place to do your best at your studies.

The second thing to remember is that an online business administration degree is your responsibility. While this sort of program can offer you intensive studies that can help you qualify for a great job sooner, you need to make sure that you have the self-discipline to put work into the program. Buy a planner or calendar and block out time to study, review your notes, read course materials, and complete any projects that require work. Read over your course outlines to understand exactly what will be expected of you and block the time into your schedule so that you can complete everything on time. The good news is that since online programs are so flexible, you will be able to plan your study time around your other responsibilities. If you plan well, this can actually help you become a better student.

Be sure to find out what resources your school offers and make a serious effort to make use of them. Your tuition pays for these resources, and you can often get more value from your degree by taking advantage of all that your degree offers. If you have email access to professors, for example, be sure to get in touch with your instructors. If your school offers study skill help, be sure to take advantage of this so that you can become an even more effective student. You can never be sure which resources will prove the most beneficial for you, so give them all a try to see just how much you can learn.

A good online business administration degree can be your key to a bright future. However, it is not usually enough to just complete your course of studies. Make a real effort to complete your studies well and to get the most out of your program and you will find that your investment of time and money pays off in the opportunities and skills you will be able to enjoy.

Learning from a Successful Veteran Entrepreneur

Transitioning to civilian life is a tough process for veteran who has just been discharged from military service. It’s like learning a new way to life again. Moreover, it is also a financial struggle. During military service, despite the tough works and dangerous deployment, you had a relatively stable income. Living a civilian life, you need to find a new job and try to earn more money to cover family needs.

Sad but true, many veterans are struggling with their bad financial life and if you’re not careful you can be the next one having the same problem. Becoming entrepreneur can be a good thing but of course, it takes a lot of effort and knowledge. You need to take all possible helps including learning and taking inspiration from successful entrepreneur. What’s better for you than learning from a Veteran Entrepreneur who has been successfully building his own brand? That person is Matt Sapaula. A former marine who know becomes one of the most respected financial coaches in this country. He is also a president of Money Smart, a company he founded several years ago.

Sapaula knows well what kind of struggle many veterans must deal every day. He is willing to share his expertise and experience to help fellow veterans to become independent financially and even become a successful entrepreneur just like himself. Money Smart Company has several programs designed to empower individuals to take charge of their financial life. Among the programs is Encore Career, for those who have interest in career as financial practice. This program also works well for veterans who want to become entrepreneurs. It will give comprehensive coaching and training about financial planning and management, coaching clinic, and professional development. At the end of the program, you are well trained and ready to open your own financial practice business. Visit the website to learn more about the program.

Online Business Administration Degree May Be The Ticket To Promotion

A high school degree and associate’s degree can only get you so far in a career. Many people are stuck in the same job for years without the possibility of promotion because they do not have an advanced degree. More and more professionals are going back to school to expand their education not just because they have a goal of obtaining a higher degree, but also because in order to advance in their current position or receive higher pay, a bachelors degree is what they need. This is why an online business administration degree may be the best way to receive that promotion.

Numerous colleges and universities across the nation offer degree programs in business administration. Choosing the right one can be an intimidating and daunting task. For those individuals who are already in the workforce or need to work while going to school, and online business administration degree is the best option. An online degree program offers flexibility and offers students the comfort of completing tasks from the comfort of their own home. Online programs are offered nationwide so it is easy to find a program that will fit best. This is an added bonus for individuals who do not live in a close proximity to a college or university. Online programs offer numerous options to students who might not otherwise be able to purse a degree.

Due to the competition surrounding the job market, it is that much more important for individuals to receive a bachelor’s degree. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree will make individuals more marketable when they go to seek jobs. Employers look for experience and knowledge in the career field. Students can gain this experience and knowledge while obtaining an online business administration degree and participating in internship programs. Filling a resume with experience and skills will put individuals a step above the competition.

The curriculum that goes a long with an online business administration degree is designed to prepare students for a real career in the business field. Students are expected to learn the various areas that are associated with business administration. It is also important for them to develop decision-making skills, build their leadership abilities, stay up on business technology, and understand the basics of finance and accounting. Students completing a business administration program should also be well versed in business ethics and understand the importance of ethics in the business world.

The classes in a business administration program are intended to enforce these skills to students. Classes include the Legal Environment of Business, Principles of Accounting, Organizational Communications, Technology in Business and Management Theory and Leadership. These classes are designed to help students gain the skills necessary to be successful in the business field. An online business administration degree will also include classes such as keyboarding and word processing that are an integral skill needed in business. These skills are not only useful in the business world, but in everyday life as well.

All in all, the market for an online business administration degree is growing. The career field is large due to the fact that students graduating from these programs are versatile and can choose from numerous different careers. Those who are already in a career field will be able to advance faster if they have a bachelor’s degree. It is also known that individuals with a bachelor’s degree are also paid significantly higher than individuals with a high school diploma. So whether students are just coming out of high school or are already in the business workforce, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration will help in career advancement.

Learn How to Become an SEO Master from Home

As online business owner, I believe you have experiences hiring SEO consultants to help improving your website to become more competitive. As online business environment becomes more and more competitive, your website may need regular improvements to keep it updated with the latest SEO techniques. With that kind of situation, would it be better if you can master SEO method you can handle SEO improvements by yourself?

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Browse through the listing to find your preferred online SEO course you want to enroll. It is very easy to join and choose the most suitable schedule. Zeqr platform comes with advanced tech including real time video conference, screen sharing, and many more. It is like you are attending a real class with real direct interaction with the tutor. SEO courses are available with varieties of level ranging from basic for beginners to advanced courses. Join Zeqr and start enrolling your preferred SEO online course. Once you completed the course and able to practice your new skill, you no longer need to hire other to handle SEO improvement of your website. Even it becomes new business opportunity to offer SEO service to other website owners.

Business Administration & Accounting Program At Toronto College

In today’s competitive job market, employers are seeking to hire graduates that are highly specialized and well trained. You can’t afford to waste your time with an education that won’t help you get the job you want. At Centennial College, all our programs are geared for success.

As part of your program, you will not only learn how to use the latest cutting edge tools, but you will also learn how to apply the latest principles from business professionals. To compliment your classroom learning, you will also get hands-on experience in the labs.

Centennial’s staff not only believe in providing students with the best teaching experience possible, but also to offer the best guidance and career advice.

Program Overview :
The Business Administration � Accounting program provides the rigorous training required if you are pursuing a career in accounting. The program offers a high degree of flexibility, combined with quality courses that develop strong fundamental skills in problem solving, communications, mathematics, analysis and other business functions. Business Accounting Program and Business Administration Training at Centennial College is matchless.

This program offers courses in financial accounting, management accounting and computers that range from training in the use of suite software to advanced accounting software and systems design. Courses in taxation auditing and corporate finance round out the professional options available. Centennial also offers practical experience through its co-op option. If you meet a specific academic standard you may enhance your education by working for three terms as a paid employee in the accounting field.

Admission Requirements :
Centennial College expects students applying for admission to certificate or diploma programs to present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. Possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

Academic Requirements :
* Compulsory English 12C or U, or skills assessment, or equivalent
* Math 11C, M or U or 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent

Graduation Requirements :
* Minimum C grade average and an overall GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation.

Notes :
Students will be placed in the appropriate English and math levels based on skills assessment results

The qualification requirements and costs for each external accreditation, designation, certification or recognition are set by the granting body and not by Centennial College. In order to qualify for any of those external accreditations, designations, certification or recognition, students and graduates will need to follow the processes and meet the applicable requirements listed on the websites and materials of those external bodies.

Online Business Administration Degrees Increasingly Popular

A few decades ago online business degrees were virtually unheard of. Today they are very much in demand for those wanting to fast track their careers. The primary reason that online business degree administration courses are so popular is because they are, quite simply, practical.

Many people seeking a degree in this area are currently working and can’t afford the time off or loss of income to attend more traditional college classes. With online business administration degrees you can also be advancing your career in two ways at the same time by working your way forward at work and getting a degree that your employer will appreciate at the same time.

In almost every type of business today advancement beyond lower level management hinges on having the proper education. If you’ve already begun working, you can lose valuable time if you quit working to go back to school (not to mention your current job). Online schooling solves this problem perfectly. Today’s online business administration degrees are just as respected as those received from bricks and mortar colleges or universities because the high educational standards are the same for both types of classes.

The best online business administration degrees come from properly accredited colleges or universities that have curriculums covering all aspects of business administration, including:

Business Communications
Sales and Marketing
Management Theory and Leadership Skills
Human Resources
Production and Operations Management

Diversity and a Personalized Pace

Online business administration degree programs also give students a great deal of personal flexibility. Determining how and when you want to study, how you’ll learn the material and a greater opportunity to prepare for exams and researching papers are all advantages that tend to give online students more opportunity to really immerse themselves in their classes. Questions can be emailed to professors who will give them personalized, thoughtful answers tailored specifically to them.

There are others who aren’t seeking a bachelor’s degree in business administration as the end of the schooling, but the beginning of it. In fact, getting an online business administration degree can be a great foundation for an advanced degree. Law schools are particularly appreciative of this type of degree. If you are currently working and are considering starting your own business or going into a new field such as real estate, a bachelor’s degree in business administration will ensure that you understand all aspects of business ownership and being an independent contractor.

The Global Marketplace Makes A Degree More Valuable

The Internet has changed today’s business world irrevocably, and people with online business administration degrees recognize the importance of this tool. The days of small “Mom and Pop” businesses are largely gone, and businesses are going national, international and global every day. With all of this growth comes increased complexity and a need for enhanced management, organizational and communications skills, all skills that can be learned or improved through the education you’ll receive in a business administration program.

Keeping pace with business changes around the world and understanding how to interpret and implement a variety of business tactics is central to excelling in any field. It’s one of the best reasons there is to look into programs that offer online business administration degrees so that you can get ahead in whatever business you’re in.